Summer Training Program

A number of students come for flight training during the summer. They work with flight instructors, all certificated CFIs. Some work towards a rating and some come to build time in the real-world environment that they can find at Kingdom Air Corps. 

Students include college students who come for a few months between college semesters, as well as those who are preparing to join a mission organization or are veteran missionaries who want to add aviation to their ministry. The training season usually runs from May through September, depending on the students' schedules and training needs. 

Technical training at KAC focuses on mountain flying, bush operations in uncertain weather and windy conditions, and exercising good judgment in decision-making for safe flight. In addition, training emphasizes the capabilities and limitations of pilots and aircraft, and the importance of consistent and timely aircraft maintenance and inspections. 

At KAC, students may earn: 

  • Private pilot certificates

  • Instrument ratings

  • Commercial pilot certificates

  • Tailwheel endorsements

  • High-performance endorsements

Flight Training

Each summer, a group of student pilots, certificated pilots, flight instructors, and mechanics spend the summer in Alaska, learning to apply their training in the mission field. They come to study and to train at King Ranch. While flying, they work on certificates, ratings, and endorsements, and at the same time gain experience in mountain and bush flying. They also spend time in the hanger and in the field working on our fleet, applying the mechanical knowledge that they've learned in the classroom to maintaining, fixing, and rebuilding airplanes. 

Many of the instructors for both the flight program and the mechanics spent time on the mission field themselves, and so are able to speak into the students' lives about ministry and calling, as well as the technical training they are giving. 

Mechanic’s Training

Mechanics training at KAC consists of both rebuilding and maintaining aircraft. Students who are working toward or have received their A&P certificate build experience through both large projects and everyday maintenance to keep the aircraft flying. 

KAC also partners with LeTourneau University in their mechanics program. Two Inspections classes visit the Ranch every summer, and spend time working on our airplanes.