Our Mission

Kingdom Air Corps' (KAC) purpose is to bring the gospel to the difficult-to-reach places of the earth. Those who train at KAC learn mountain and bush flight operations, experiencing first hand the challenges of flying in isolated areas and how to operate safely and effectively in those environments. Students study with experienced mechanics and pilots, many of whom have ministered in remote mission fields around the world. In addition to aviation training, students at KAC participate in a variety of intercultural ministries, sharing the Gospel day-to-day, ministering in churches, and working in summer Bible camps for native Alaskan children and teens.

KAC grew from a far-reaching vision of Dwayne King, an experienced missionary bush pilot and flight instructor, who saw the need to equip future missionary pilots to minister and operate in outlying areas around the world. In 1999, after retiring from a life of missionary service with SEND, Dwayne and his son, Dave, began to clear land in Chickaloon, Alaska to establish what is now King Ranch Airport, the training base for Kingdom Air Corps. Since then, King Ranch has grown and expanded, and an additional flight training base has been established in Palmer, Alaska.