Joe & Theresa Gerwig

Joe Gerwig has been involved with KAC since 2010. He is home-grown, growing up at Victory Bible Camp just 15 miles away from Kingdom Air Corps. He got his Private in 2011, his Instrument while at Frontier School of the Bible in Wyoming in 2013, his Commercial in 2014, and CFI in 2017. He has logged over 1200 hours through KAC in everything from the Aeronca Champ to the Cessna 206, and flown planes across Canada seven times. Joe received his A&P mechanic's license through the University of Alaska Fairbanks in August 2016.
Joe serves as a the assistant director of Kingdom Air Corps as well as a CFI & Mechanic. Joe & Theresa have a passion for  helping prepare missionary pilots to serve in Alaska and throughout the world with missions aviation.