In 1999, Dwayne King and his son David carved a runway from the bush marking the beginning of a vision Dwayne had for missionary pilot training. Having flown extensively in Alaska and Far East Russia for more than 30 years, he realized the necessity of the use of aircraft to reach the hundreds of towns and villages in these regions. Eighty-five percent of Alaskan towns and villages are unreachable by road. As David’s King Ranch property began to develop, church volunteer groups built cabins, a hangar, and a dining hall. Volunteer aviation mechanics and flight instructors began coming on a regular basis and the number of flight students increased yearly. Basic to the plan of training pilots was preparing them spiritually and experientially by involving them in hands-on missionary work.
The Kings assumed leadership of Brooks Range Bible Camp in 1980, and the camp, coupled with the ministry in Arctic Alaska, has become a major training ground for Kingdom Air Corps pilots and mechanics, both for casting the vision and for practical training among spiritually hungry regions of the North.
By 2019, the staff of Kingdom Air Corps had grown to 10 missionary couples, and expanded operations to a new hanger at Palmer Municipal Airport (PAQ), 30 miles from King Ranch. The cooks serve about 15,000 meals each season to our hard-working staff, students, volunteers and guests. Flight instructors give about 1,500 hours of flight instruction, culminating in many new flight endorsements and ratings. The staff of Kingdom Air Corps looks forward to future growth and expansion as we follow the Lord’s guidance and direction.