The View from My Window: Staff Bible Study

Hello! I’m Chelsea, wife of Kingdom Air Corps flight instructor and aviation mechanic Benjamin Lula. We live just down the Glenn Highway from the KAC Ranch, in a 700-square-foot cabin in the woods. We have a son, Azariah, who just turned one, and another little one due at the end of August.

My first winter in Alaska was last year, 2017-2018. It was not easy. It was hard, emotional, and lonely. And for the next year I struggled to see how God could be at work in this. It felt more like my life was falling apart than being held together by His strong arms. Then we entered another long Alaskan winter. And by the grace of God I started to see little signs of His presence. Fragile glimmers of hope in the darkness. 

One of those was a simple weekly Bible study. Every Monday night, we gathered with the other full-time KAC staff, shared a meal, and studied the Scripture. The families (there were four of us throughout the winter) took turns hosting the study, and my husband led the Bible study, a chapter a week.

When we first kicked off the study, I was apprehensive. But as the weeks went by, I began to see God at work, using the regular times of fellowship and encouragement to draw our hearts together as believers, and as friends. 

Quickly, Satan stepped in. Monday became the hardest day of my week. It felt like everything that could go wrong, did. By the end of the day I was not excited about rounding up our exhausted little family and stumbling to Bible study. 

This happens often. I think many other families can relate. You’re planning and hoping to go  somewhere, whether it be a Bible study, a church service, or some other spiritually meaningful event, and suddenly it feels as if everything is going wrong and there’s no way you can make it. 

Let me encourage you to do everything you can to make it. Be there. Take a deep breath, push through, and remember that God’s grace is sufficient to carry you through this. 

God used a humble little Bible study to show me that He is taking care of me. Through it, He blessed me with good friendships, spiritual encouragement, and opportunities to lean on Him and draw from His strength when I feel weak. I can, and will, praise Him for that.