Resurrection Joy!

I sat in the sun this afternoon looking at the new blossoms on our cherry tree. They were beautiful; fully formed fragrant flowers, clusters of perfection, gently brushed with pink, and gorgeous against the blue spring sky. The cherry tree produced exactly what it was made to produce in this season – beautiful blooms. But they were not there last week. I’ve been checking, waiting for them! Neither were they there yesterday, although slight tinges of color peeked through a few shoots. 

We can learn something here. God in us produces his fruit through us in his time. Just like the cherry tree last week, our branches may look bare, a long way from blooming. Spring may seem far off. In the worst of times, we may be discouraged enough to think we will never bloom again, but it’s a lie. We who are born of his Spirit have resurrection life in us. God lives in us. He’s the life giver, the fruit grower, the one who adorns us with beauty in his time. 

Let’s be encouraged this Easter season. Let’s think about the resurrection life in us, the living God who dwells inside us, who uses us to do his work, asking us to be his hands and feet, to love and serve with his very heart. We can’t do it ourselves, it’s impossible, but as we yield to the Spirit inside us – Christ in us, our hope of glory – He will bring forth fruit that will spring from his life, his presence. And our blossoms will give him great joy.

Kathy KingKathy King